Lecture Notes


We require each student or pair to scribe a lecture this semester. Writing the notes for a lecture serves two educational purposes:

  1. It provides a condensed document about the main points of the lecture for you and other students to reference.
  2. It helps you to internalize the material further beyond the lecture and paper readings.

Scribed lecture notes must follow the guidelines below and are expected within a week of the lecture. You will be graded on the accuracy and completeness of your submitted notes.

Please refer to the Course Administration Spreadsheet for your assigned lecture to scribe. You are allowed to swap slots with another student without needing to ask the instructors.

To submit your scribed lecture notes, you will open a pull request on the course lecture notes repository. The lecture notes to be submitted within seven (7) days of the lecture.


Your scribed lecture notes must follow the guidelines below. We have provided templates for you to use. Although some lectures might have existing content, you must ensure all submitted content is relevant and current.

Please post on Piazza if you have additional clarification questions.

If English is not your first language, we encourage you to use additional tools to check your grammar (e.g., Grammarly).