Project Update #2


Each group will provide a brief update to the class half way through the project on the the current status of their implementation. The update presentation should contain the following information:

The goal of this exercise is to make sure that everyone in the class is aware of what the other groups are working on and how far along they are in the process. Since this is the last update before the final presentation, each group should provide a plan for how they will benchmark and evaluate their implementation. In particular, each group should include a discussion of how they will compare their project against the rival group (excluding the optimizer projects).

Each group must email the instructor a PDF version of their proposal presentation before class.


Each group must email the instructor a PDF version of their proposal presentation and updated design document before class.

The project design document should be an updated version of the proposal design document and should contain the following information:

You must write your project design document in Markdown using this template. This document will allow you to keep track of your progress and serve as a guide for future students in helping them understand what you did after you have left CMU and are in jail.

Each group should maintain their design document throughout the semester because you will need to provide an updated version for each project update and the final submission.

Collaboration Policy

WARNING: All of the code for the core portion of your project must be your own. You may not copy source code from other sources that you find on the web without discussing it with the instructors first. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. See CMU's Policy on Academic Integrity for additional information.